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Healthy Relationships

What is a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship is one where you feel supported, respected, and can be yourself and have fun.

It doesn’t matter if it’s one night, one year or anything in between, we all have the right to be treated with respect.

How do we have healthy relationships?

It’s easy to say that healthy relationships are important, but what does this look like?

  • Does your partner respect your wishes?
  • Do you feel ok to say no?
  • Do you feel ok to hang out with your friends on your own?
  • Do you feel it’s ok to be yourself?

A good way to think about healthy relationships is-what would I expect from a friend? Trust, loyalty, kindness, and having a laugh together amongst other things, maybe, these are also great characteristics for a partner.

What do we do to support healthy relationships?

Through a variety of different means East Ayrshire Women’s Aid raises awareness of the importance of healthy relationships with the aim of preventing domestic abuse.  We do this through a variety of ways, including working with children and young people in School, Colleges, Community Centres, Youth Groups, Art and Drama Groups and other youth services.