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What is Domestic Abuse

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Staying Safe

If you are living with domestic abuse you probably just want it to stop.

Domestic abuse is not your fault.

Here are somethings you can do, or not do, to help you stay safe when domestic abuse is happening.

Firstly, don’t try and stop it.

You might want to try to stop the fight to protect the person who’s being hurt. But trying to stop fights can be dangerous and you might get hurt.

Phone the police.

Instead, you could phone the police by dialing 999. The operator will put you through to the police. The police will ask you for your name and address. They will also ask you what is happening and who else is in the house with you. If it’s safe, the police will ask you to stay on the phone until they arrive.

If it doesn’t feel safe to call the police from your home, you could call from a phone box, a neighbour’s or a friend’s house.

Find a safe place.

There may be places in the house where you go to feel safe when there’s a fight. You should keep on doing this. It is good to stay away from the fight so that you don’t get hurt.

Tell someone.

It can help to talk to a friend or adult you trust. If there’s a fight at home you can phone them and let them know what’s going on so they can help.

Some people make up a ‘codeword’, so that in an emergency they just have to say the codeword over the phone and the other person will know that this means you need help. Make sure that you’ve agreed what they should do when you call and that they know your address and phone number.