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How You Can Help

As a charitable organisations we benefit greatly from the support and generosity of donors and sponsors.  Making a donation could help make a difference to the women and children who we support.  Running a marathon, doing a bungee jump, organising a pub quiz or baking some biscuits and holding a coffee morning are just some of the ways our supporters have raised funds for us.

£5 could help purchase materials for a child to take part in a children‘s group activity like baking or an arts and crafts project to gain confidence and encourage involvement with others.

£10 could help provide an emergency pack for a woman fleeing domestic abuse. In the majority of cases, women turn up at EAWA with only the clothes on her back. This could help to provide essential items such as toiletries, nappies and food.

£20 could allow for a woman to take part in an activity with other women in refuge like yoga or stress management to help build her self esteem and health and well-being.

£50 could help cover costs for women and children to access specialist therapeutic support services including transport, accommodation, subsistence etc.  .

Every donation, regardless of the amount, will help make a difference to the women, children and young people who access our support and services.