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What is Domestic Abuse

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What is Domestic Abuse


 What services do East Ayrshire Women’s Aid offer?

We are committed to delivering a high quality service to women, children and young people.

Our provision includes a wide range of flexible and individualised support services including the provision of crisis, short and long term support, safe accommodation, outreach and drop in services all offering information, advice and ongoing assistance to women and children escaping domestic abuse.  We also work within the community and with a wide range of partner agencies to raise awareness of the causes and consequences of domestic abuse.  Specialist accommodation and refuge is available to women and children fleeing domestic abuse and we also work with other Women’s Aid groups across the UK to support and offer women the widest range of options to suit their needs.


We provide confidential, crisis and long-term support to women, children and young people with experience of domestic abuse, whether you are still living with their partner, have decided to leave or have already left. You can contact us by phone on 01563 36001 or by email at info@eastayrshirewomensaid.org.uk to make an appointment to call into one of our offices or arrange to meet one of our Outreach Support Workers at a time and place which is safe for you.

We can provide a range of support and information from a one-off phone call to long-term support. We will listen to you and give you the information you need to make decisions to help make sure you and your children are safe now and in the future. If you want to leave we can help find you somewhere safe to stay.

Our Outreach Service offers support to women and children who have experienced domestic abuse in their own communities. Some may have been in refuge but have returned home, others may never have been in refuge, some may still be with their partners and others will have left. Each woman has an individual support plan based on her specific needs, which is regularly reviewed with her key worker.


East Ayrshire Women’s Aid refuges offer safe, temporary accommodation for women, children and young people. It ensures a place of safety for any woman escaping domestic abuse whatever the circumstances. The refuge provides women who need it with somewhere safe to stay, giving time and space to think about all the options and the best way forward for each woman (and her children) to regain a life free from the fear of violence and intimidation.
Whilst living in refuge, you have access to a named worker who will discuss your individual support needs.

We have two types of refuge accommodation:

Scattered accommodation – a house or flat within a community that is used to accommodate one family, we try to use this accommodation for larger families.

Self contained flats – eight flats within the same building. These flats are suitable for single women and families. We have one flat that is wheelchair accessible. This building has communal facilities, rooms for children and young people and an on site office.

Our Accommodation Support Workers are specifically trained in dealing with domestic abuse issues. You will be assigned a key-worker who will work with you and support you while you are in the refuge and through the period of resettlement once you move on. Staff are there to help each new resident to get settled in and make the necessary practical arrangements, such as registering with a new doctor, securing new school places for children, applying for benefits, contacting solicitors and obtaining legal advice, dealing with immigration issues and looking at available re-housing options. Key-workers will draw up individual support plans dependent on your individual needs, which are reviewed on a regular basis. Follow-on support is provided to help you deal with all the practical and emotional challenges that come with moving into a new home and settling into a new area.

Moving On

As many as one in four women, from all walks of life, have experienced abuse from a partner or ex-partner. It can have a big impact on your life and how you feel about yourself.

Rebuilding a life free from domestic abuse takes time.

Moving on from the refuge for some women may be a daunting and difficult time. The support network built up whilst in the refuge may not be so readily available and some women may find themselves feeling alone and vulnerable once more. East Ayrshire Women’s Aid Support Workers continue to work with women, children and young people until they feel confident and strong enough to be independent and able to live their life free from fear or the threat of violence.

Kilmarnock Women’s Centre is a place for women who would like to meet up with other women going through, or who have been through, similar experiences. It is based on the idea that women working together in a safe, friendly and non-judgemental environment can change their lives for the better. Groups, courses and drop-in days all provide opportunities to try different activities, learn new skills or just have some time to talk and share experiences with others. Your can see a copy of our current programme here or phone Jacky at 01563 544807 or email her at jacky.ross@eastayrshirewomensaid.org.uk

The Moving On Group is a support group for women who have experienced domestic abuse Moving On is a twelve week programme where women can get a better understanding of domestic abuse and how it has affected them. By talking about abuse and sharing experiences in a closed group, women can find it easier to make sense of what has happened to them and move forward with their lives.
The course has helped me understand what me and my kids went through and to believe in myself…

Living Life to the Full is a group for women to learn different skills and strategies to help them cope with anxiety and depression.

We also have drop-in days and social activities at the Women’s Centre which any woman can take part in.

Training & awareness raising

East Ayrshire Women’s Aid provide training and awareness sessions to other service providers, workplaces, schools, community groups and organisations. If you would like us to come and deliver a presentation or talk to your group, or to find out more about the training we can provide, please get in touch with Judy at judy.ferguson@eastayrshirewomensaid.org.uk for more information.